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Default Plan ahead. - 28-06-2017, 22:00

Originally Posted by DRNewcomb View Post
Does anyone know if Piranha roams AT&T in the US? It looks like the preferred SIM profile only allows T-Mobile roaming but is there a different profile that kicks in if there's no T-Mobile signal? I'm curious if I might get that iPhone 3GS to work if I take it to someplace where there's no T-Mobile signal.
Well, of course there is.
You need to go online and change the Current Roaming Profile to #2.

Check out the rates though, AT&T is more expensive.
Choose wisely.

You can only do it online on the website, so you also need to decide to do it when you have access to the web.
Also, it has been known to take a few hours, sometime, to 'take'.
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