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Default 28-06-2017, 13:41

I recently had to replace my Piranha SIM because both the phone (Moto G) and SIM were lost overboard. Since neither Piranha SIM wanted to work in my old unlocked iPhone 3GS, I decided to dust off my old Nokia N8 to use with this SIM. The SIM connects to T-Mobile but will not receive SMS in the N8. Works perfectly in a V550. Just one example of how the Piranha SIM has certain "quirks" when used in some phones. Since the N8 also has problems using the VoIP feature, I don't intend to put much effort into fighting this battle. I'm currently shopping for a good, inexpensive, Android phone with the requisite bands for use around the world.

BTW, Piranha was very good about quickly getting me a replacement SIM and associating it with my numbers.

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