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Originally Posted by Schlips1 View Post

the no-roaming-fee-decision got some bad sideeffects.

Exemple Sweden:

- Tele 2 / Comviq: Prepaid roaming is only possible with an "EU roaming add on" - you have to pay for it, can`t use your credit
- 3 : No prepaid roaming anymore (not even in other 3 countries)
- Telia: Roaming only after registering your prepaid card - will be interesting, if this is possible w/o a swedish id

Other networks like Telenor Dk or Telia Fi do not offer prepaid roaming at all. Is this the goal of the EU regulations??
The goal is to offer free EU roaming to inhabitants of Sweden just like Telia does it. An address in Sweden or work contract or university inscription should normally be accepted.

EU is not trying to achieve that people should be able to use free roaming of any country where they do not reside.

EU roaming add-on is not allowed by the EU regulation. Only separate tariffs (with and without roaming) without the possibility to switch easy between them are allowed.

Tariffs without roaming are bad side effect. The customers will decide whether they will be successfull or not.
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