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Originally Posted by ghostrider View Post
I followed your instructions, immediately, but data did not work even with this other apn. It is a continuous fight with this sim card. You can say whatever you want, I know you will keep saying that everything is fine but it isn't. Full stop. Did you see data connections yesterday? No. So please stay on topic, don't reply "you in the past used the sim for data" or "you did not follow our instructions". Where you there? I did exactly what you suggested but it did not work. The only thing you say is that your sim is working. Well, I can confirm that your sim had always problems, I always had to select subscription 3 (for Italy) and I cannot imagine what would happen in another country.
No, sir, the sim is not working for me. No data, severe difficulties registering and slow reconnecting to networks when moving in uncovered areas.
I can report my experience but your reply will always be "the sim works fine" which is untrue. Completely untrue.
As for your "no other complains from other people, well just make s very simple search on Google and you will discover that problems are reported and the service (rectius: sim reliability) is described in various terms.
I have been trying even now to manually register the sim in order to make it work for data but to no avail. I have now deactivated it. As soon as I get back home I will take it out of my phone. Just to be clear, the sim has almost 20 GBP of credit and I tried for months to make it work properly, but when I needed it most, it did not work.
No no. That's not how a roaming sim should be. Far from smooth, simple, reliable. That's my experience and, as Google demonstrates, the experience of others.
We did advise you about the use of dual SIM handsets, and SIM settings, unfortunately you refused to listen to our advice and still insist on writing spurious comments. For all readers of your posting and as way of proof that you did use the SIM even though you posted it did not work period, we have taken a snapshot with called numbers censored.
6/17 2:06a 3:00 Italy to Italy
6/17 12:49a 1:00 Italy to Italy

As far as we are concerned the matter is now closed and your account has been cancelled as per your request, and for everyone's information who does not live in Europe, it does not cost 6 Euros to send a standard letter from Italy to the UK.
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