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Originally Posted by ghostrider View Post
This morning I needed the Internet connection so I tried to use the piranha. Totally useless. The sim did not connect to data all day so tonight I opened a ticket. They replied that there has been a problem with openroamer and to switch to another apn, omitting to provide all necessary details. I obviously set up this new apn and did not work. On the other side, they said the issue has been solved and that openroamer was now working. Totally untrue.
So once again I wrote and this time asked for sim deactivation and full refund. Do you know what they replied? Please send back the card and we'll refund you. You probably already know that last month I already spent 6 euros to ship the sim to the Uk in order to have it checked so this people want me to spend other money just to have mine back.
I can't believe it but what I can tell you for sure is before buying this sim card or even think about it, do, please do, a thorough search on the web and read all the complaints. The sim will not work when you step out of the plane or whenever or wherever you need most. The sim will not register. The sim will simply not provide data. The sim will not provide anything.
This made me think just one thing: yes, the Estonian cards are very expensive to call and have a less fancy number but they do work, and work flawlessly.
Please think not just one but one million times before buying a Piranha sim card.
we have no other users who have issues, the Data issue was resolved quickly and you were informed, unfortunately you choose to ignore our instruction on an alternative APN setting. We are quite happy to dispute your post as you have been making calls and using Data up until today's issue, which only affected Data
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