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Originally Posted by rfranzq View Post
And this is the be all and end all of info on Three PAYGO:
This PDF file will give you the ability to print out the relevant pages for you use. It is brand new-----dated May 31, 2017. This is very good.
Bizarrely, I am unable to print page "3" [get it?] of the pdf.

This plan looks pretty good for use as a trans-European SIM card.
I am not sure about other options or international SIMs but this
card has a certain ease of access for people in the USA compared to other options.
The only issue is that worldwide the cost to call a USA phone number is expensive. Perhaps leave a phone with a 3 SIM with the person in the USA you wish to contact?

No doubt there might be better offers in general and with specific case uses, but what are those offers ease of use compared to this?
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