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Default Cheapest prepaid mobile provider in New zealand - 02-12-2013, 06:50

I am visiting NZ for 3 months. I would like to know which network do you use? Which prepaid plan do you have? What provider has the cheapest SMS rates? I am interested in sending SMS (to local mobiles only). No roaming, no international, no nothing, just the cheapest local SMS. Sending/recieving messages are more important for me than voice calls, or data. And i'm interested in a provider that has text packs/bundles. I have a Nokia C2 phone, which is 3G. I would like to visit semi-remote areas of NZ, however i only need coverage near towns. I have researched the best options online, and it seems VODAPHONE (Prepay Smart), or 2DEGREES (Prepay Plus, with the $10 textpack) are the best choices. Also, there are the MVNO's operating with Vodaphone, but i didn't check them. So what do you think? Please help me choose the right provider based on the above information. Thanks!
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