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Default blame the machine - 04-07-2013, 19:38

While I am not one to encourage paranoia, this is a very good question.
Originally Posted by inquisitor View Post
I fear that the loss of SIM cards I have seen is indeed related to government action. ..........That is why I would like to ask if anyone else has also experienced such losses of SIM cards sent to the US or if I have just had bad luck.
Some thoughts.
0. Did you normally register mail them?
1. What kind of envelopes do you send the SIM cards in? [see #2]
2. Could it be that whatever machine does this wondrous magic have a tendency to eat SIM cards in envelopes? [Bump in the letter?]
3. They have your name and give you heightened scrutiny?
4. Could you insure them for 10 or 20 Euros, hope they disappear and collect the big bucks?
5. I would tend to believe machine incompetence before human incompetence. An intelligence operation that is so sloppy gets found out sooner than one that is totally transparent.

Is the post office getting paid to do this? Perhaps this is why they lose money.
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