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Default Prepaid mobile/internet for tourist - 02-06-2013, 12:26

I have been researching different prepaid mobile options for our family holiday in Greece this summer. I am thoroughly confused and I would appreciate some advice.

We will be in Athens Mykonos Santorini and Kos for about 6 weeks all up.

We have 4 mobile phones and 2 laptops.

The phones are iPhone 4 and 5

I would like to buy 4 prepaid services with:

At least 1Gb of data each

The ability to enable hot spot (tethering) with the iPhones so we can connect the laptops

Cosmote or VF or WIND ???? not sure which has better coverage and internet speed

I would like to buy the sims at Athens airport when we arrive so I assume the Germanos store there will have Cosmote but does anyone sell VF at the airport?

There seem to be many combinations of packages to get what I want but some of the terminology is hard to understand..

I would appreciate any advice from the forum.

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