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Default 15-06-2011, 16:28

As the rates within the EU are regulated you might want to concider just buying some italian cards after arrival.

Outside italy you can call each other for about 45ct/min + 13ct/min for the inbound call and text for 13ct.

Travelsim/Airbalticcard (Estonia) works very reliable, the rates are a bit cheaper (as the inbound charge is missing).

I never Maxroam so i cant say something about that provider.

EU regulated tariff from July 1st 2011:

- outbound calls within EU: 35ct+VAT
- inbound calls within EU: 11 ct+VAT
- outbound SMS within EU: 11ct +VAT
- inbound SMS always free of charge


Germany: o2 blue all-in L, simquadrat
Thailand: truemove (phone+sms+wifi)
International: xxSim+372, toggle +44/+49/+41/+31
Phones: Huawei Mate7, Huawei P9

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