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Question What is the best option for me? (Italy, France and Spain) - 15-06-2011, 13:49

Hi all,

I was starting to feel a bit cross-eyed from looking at so many different global sim card options and rates when I stumbled across this lovely site. Now I'm hoping some of you knowledgable people could help me out. Here's the situation; my two sisters and I will be going to 3 different countries (Italy, France, and Spain) for a very brief trip. By brief I mean; about 8 days in Italy, 4 days in Paris, and 4 days in Barcelona. I was wondering which global sim card you would recommend. Some factors that I would like taken into consideration would be:

1) We would only use these sim cards to make calls/text to each other. I've seem some global sim cards give calls within er.. network.. discounted rates.
2) How much the sim/credit costs combined with shipping rates to Canada.
3) How well it works... this is the part where I ask how annoying having call routed through Estonia is.

That's all I can really think of for now. Also, we all have phones that are unlocked and will work on the proper frequencies.

So far I like the look of MaxRoam overall but would love to find one similar that has a call-to-same-company-sim card-user-discount that works without too many problems.

Thank you for time and consideration!
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