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Default 05-11-2010, 21:40

So I tried again today to log on and purchase a SIM on truphone. No luck. I called the customer service. I spent 5 minutes explaining the situation to somenone again. She asked for the reference number they had given me earlier. I gave that. She put me on hold to look up the prior actions. After 10 minutes on hold I was disconnected. I emailed again and explained my phone call and asked for someone to call me. No response. I emailed three hours later and they said they were still looking in to the problem.

I know I should just give up, but I keep trying. I was able to find a truphone sim + samsung phone online. I bought that (didn't need the phone but it was only $20 more than the sim starter pack - $49 total). Hopefully someone will have been able to fix the problem by the time I need to activate the sim (or at least by the time $15 runs out). We shall see...

Has anyone else been able to purchase a SIM here in the US recently?
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