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Default Greece HSPA (prepaid and postpaid offers) - 27-10-2007, 00:04

I thought I should open this thread for greek HSPA mobile broadband offers, prepaid and postpaid.

I'm copying my post from the Greece GPRS thread (the GPRS title isn't that correct). I should just mention the the Wind plus non-stop "trick" that allows you to tether your laptop to your phone and get GSRS, 3G or HSPA access (depending on your phone) is thoroughly described in the Greece GPRS forum. Here are the "real" HSPA mobile broadband offers, and I say "real" because Wind plus non-stop is supposed to give you access for mobile internet through your phone but can also be used with your laptop as easily, it just has a 1MB limitation per downloaded file, i.e. you can't download pdf files, videos or streaming videos using Wind plus non-stop. The offers described here are mobile broadband ones and some of them can be used for short visits in Greece as described below (either WIND prepaid non-stop ADSM or an unlimited time postpaid connection for the time you will be staying in Greece, if you're staying for more than a week)...
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