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Default Activation - PennyMobile - 07-08-2013, 08:21

When you activate the Penny Mobil sim-card, do you then need a german adress (like you do when you activate a Lidl sim-card)????

This is the information on the Lidl sim-card:
German residency is not required for activation, however you need to provide a German address, to which Lidl will send a confirmation letter containing all registration details shortly after activation. If the letter is undeliverable and so is being returned Lidl will temporarily disable SIM cards until a valid address has been provided. Therefore make sure to provide an address where the letter from Lidl will be accepted (e.g. a hotel or a friend in whose name you would activate the SIM). SIM cards that have been blocked due to failed delivery of the confirmation letter can be unblocked by calling customer care at 01805-880488 (number only reachable within Germany) and reassuring that the provided address was correct or if not so by providing a new address. Afterwards SIM cards will be unblocked within less than 30 minutes.
Does this apply for the Penny Mobil sim-card as well??? Will you get a confirmation letter containing all registration details???

Or can you just give the address on the camping site you are staying on, and it will not be checked out too much?


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