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Default 23-05-2015, 23:02

Well I can't recharge so I may find I have two TIM SIMs with no credit when I arrive in Rome early in June.

I can't even log into for one of them any more. They want to send me a text with a code but I cut it to a nano SIM and my unlocked iPhone can't get any coverage. It does detect a TIM APN so I think the SIM cutter cut it correctly. It's a little tight on the SIM tray but the iPhone recognizes that a SIM card is loaded.

The other one, which I used last June, I can log onto and it was showing .15 Euro credit and now down to .05 credit. Actually I put that SIM, which was cut for me by a mobile shop owner in Amalfi, into the same iPhone and I got a couple of SMS from TIM, probably with messages about roaming charges.

In case I need to buy a new SIM, do the stores, especially the one at Rome airport (FCO) carry Nano SIMs now? I don't want to have to pack the SIM cutter, which is fairly heavy.
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