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Originally Posted by inquisitor View Post
Hi Petkow,

toggle has never applied different inbound tariffs for any of the local toggle numbers, so it should not make a difference when you are being called on your British or Spanish number. That said your experience sound like a billing error.

Unfortunately I have no experience in non-toggle countries, but so far customer service has not only responded very quickly to me (usually <2h) but they have even called me back to make sure my issues have been resolved, which left me quite impressed.

I don't know if there's still a toggle representative following this thread since the lady who did it before does no longer work for toggle, but I would try it by email again.
When I have been within Toggle countries, I have always received calls as normal on any of my Toogle numbers free of charge. This I have tested with the German, "Swiss" and Spanish numbers. I also applied a USA number though have never received a call on that outside of the USA so no idea if it is free to receive or not. Unfortunately my experience suggests that when outside of any of the Toggle countries, you do not receive calls on any other local number (apart from the UK number) at the standard published rate. Worse still, there is absolutely no way of knowing what you will be charged. In my case, receiving a call in Mexico to my Spanish number was charged at almost 2 GBP per minute whereas calls to the UK number where charged at 0.19 GBP per call... regardless of length!! Quite a difference!

I just got back from my trip and unfortunately more than 10 days after receiving some misinformation and blatantly being overcharged 100 times the stated amount, Toggle still have not refunded. In summary, they let me down badly as based on the misinformation, I had planned a redirect from a few important Spanish incoming numbers, which did not work as planned. While I was there I received daily "cut-paste" emails from them saying they were "escalating" to this team or the other, but absolutely nothing resolved. Now they have just gone quiet.

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