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alexyag 27-07-2012 11:41

SIM in Austria and Germany
Hello .

I will be travelling in Austria and Germany soon for about 3 weeks.

Anyone can suggest me please what is the best option to buy a prepaid SIM card to be used in both countries with Voice calls and SMS ,
and about 2 GB of internet traffic .
I prefer to have all those in 1 SIM card and not buy 2 separate cards-
1 for Voice and other for Internet .

Also - can I get card that I'll use in both countries - Austria and Germany or it's much cheaper to buy one in Austria and then one in Germany ?

The most calls I'm gonna make from the phone are to Israel and Germany .

Thanks .

sperial 27-07-2012 13:37

For calls to Israel the cheapest will be to use an Israeli Hot Mobile or Golan Telecom SIM - NIS 1 / min for incoming or callback to Israel.
For Austria an A1 data SIM will be a good choice.
However, most hotels provide fast free internet connections (either LAN or WiFi), check with the hotels where you intend to stay. If you do not need the connection on the move don't bother to buy a local SIM.

dg7feq 27-07-2012 15:11

If you make calls to Israel frequently it will pay off to buy a local card that specialize to international calls. Otherwise you will end up paying world-region roaming prices of 2-3 EUR/min to call israel.

sperial 27-07-2012 16:18

A correction - a Golan SIM will be the cheapest for calls from/to Israel (using Callback) for ILS 0.35/min (EUR 0.07/min)- I suggest that you order a SIM (with the ILS 9.90/month plan) today, even if you do not intend to port your current number.
If you intend to make a lot of local calls consider buying a local SIM when you land, and choose the one with the best rates for roaming within the EU. Probably there will be no need to buy a second SIM for voice calls. I have no idea how data roaming is priced, consult the relevant carrier's web web sites.

inquisitor 27-07-2012 16:46

Afaik there is no Austrian or German SIM card that would allow data roaming in the other country at reasonable prices, at least not if you need more than a few dozen MB of data volume. This leaves separate SIM cards from each country as the only affordable option. For Internet access in Germany the good old advice is still Lidl, about which you'll find all necessary information at LIDL mobile - Prepaid Wireless Internet Access besides of the several hundred threads about Lidl on this board.

Meny 30-07-2012 08:17

Following the same track
As I am about to follow the same tour track, can someone indicate the best practice for buying SIM card in Austria while the main usage will be internal calls within the traveling group.

sperial 30-07-2012 09:21

Several month ago I boght an A1 SIM which cost EUR 10 and gives you 1000 min/month of voice calls inside Austria.
Another possibility is to buy a Golan Telecom SIM before leaving Israel - using it will cost ILS 0.70 (EUR 0.14)/min - ILS 0.35 for an outgoing (callback) min and another ILS 0.35 for the incoming minute. It has the advantage of cheap calls home. However - a Golan SIM has to be ordered by the internet and may take a few days to arrive, so order it at least a week before you fly and choose the NIS 9.9/month plan (unless you intend to use it heavily back home).

dg7feq 30-07-2012 09:35

In Austria you can buy several SIM cards that have cheap international and domestic calls.
e.g. the Wowww SIM.
You call domestic for 5ct/min and to israel for 6/9ct/min (landline/mobile)
see here: - Tarife

Meny 31-07-2012 19:40

Thanks for the info!
Can you indicate how to locate WOWWW sale point

dg7feq 01-08-2012 08:12

you can buy them at all post offices, all "Trafic" shops (they are in every corner, selling newspapers, cigarettes and sweets), ESSO, Jet, Shell, OMV gas stations, A1 mobile phone stores, Hofer supermarkets..... so you will find a shop quite easily.
There are also various other SIM cards that offer similar rates. If you tell them you need a SIM for international call they will show you what they have...

Meny 02-08-2012 08:01


I am forwarding another Q coming from my colleague:

I will visit Europe in the following manner: 9 days in Austria, 1 in Switzerland and 4 in Germany.
If only 3G Data SIM is required, high download speed, may be limited to 10GB, Which SIM will have the best quality, cost effectiveness and rooming ability (or three different types)??
Is it recommended to follow wikia recommendation [i.e. 3(Drei) Austria or another]?? didn't see rooming solution...
Austria - Pay as you go sim with data Wiki
Germany - Pay as you go sim with data Wiki


inquisitor 02-08-2012 14:40

Have you actually read my posting on this thread? Data roaming is prohibitively expensive within Europe and given your colleague's requirements absolutely infeasible. The linked Wiki lacks the probably best choice for your requirements, Lidl. With a Lidl SIM that costs € 9.95 and includes € 10 of credit you could subscribe to the dayflat tariff which would give you 500MB per 24h for € 1.99/24h. In contrast to other German prepaid providers you really get 24h while others bill by calendar day, so whenever you start a data session it ends at midnight.

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