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frenchfry 21-01-2010 18:34

New World Sim Company

Truphone Intros 'Local Anywhere SIM' (Phone Scoop)

Looks like there rates from the USA to UK are the only good rates. I think that I will keep an eye on them.

Stu 23-01-2010 17:41

Check back in a couple of months on this one and see where they are at. I expected them to launch with more than two countries.

JohnCK 28-01-2010 14:46

I sense another round of fund raising coming!!

This is only appealing for UK travelling to US or vice versa and is NOT a money saving roaming SIM card.

Using Economy Call back rate:


Receive £0.60
To UK landline and mobile £1.19.


Receive £0.18
To UK landline and mobile £0.35.

US (No call back available)

Receive £0.50
To UK landline and mobile £0.75.

These figures are no cheaper than your normal MNO!

Based on the fact that Truphone announced this at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona in February 2009 you may want to check back in a little over two months. Getting such agreements in place with other Operators requires a lot of technical development, commercial negotiations and does take considerable time.

andy 29-01-2010 10:14

It was certainly my impression this was first rumoured about a year ago, about the same time they increased quite a few tariffs on their existing product.

Sophia 30-01-2010 04:40

I can't find one thing... is there a required top up (monthly, yearly?) or is there no expiry date?

albino 01-02-2010 19:07

I remember Awayphone tried the multi number thing a year or two ago - they closed down after they found it wasn't possible. United Mobile tried it too and failed. Sim4Travel said they would have it for sure two years ago, but didn't.

My Ekit Sim seems to be the first to have it, but only two numbers, a US and and a UK one, although unfortunately it doesn't work that well and not as cheap as the single number Sim

Would be cool if someone could figure it out... and actually have it running reliably before they send out "Coming soon" newsletters!

Moshe 06-02-2010 22:31

So far seems like Truphone is more interested in splashy announcements and events than delivering best prices and services. Was intrigued at first but as said above, seems like a lot of stuff done for sake of raising investment and not to provide world class service to customers ... hoping they improve once funding is secured (if it is).

petkow 22-02-2010 21:59

I just read on another forum that they are now giving away free SIM's which come loaded with 5 GBP or 7.50 US$ of call credit.

See: Truphone Local Anywhere - Find out more

Apparantly the promo code to enter is F23T5J, though that may well be a referral code of the person who was mentioning it on that form.

RTuesday 22-02-2010 23:51

Thanks for that information. Maybe they intended one promo code per user (like an "invite") so although I've ordered a card (US address) it'll be interesting to see if they get too many requests.

I can't find any information about validity and expiry either (but at a price of zero I'll take a chance on that). US prices (from the US, at the "local" rates) are fine, especially to international landlines.

But the roaming rates are weird - some are very high (Mexico), on some the "standard" rate is cheaper than callback (France, Spain, calling US) and some are just plain garbled (Cook Islands - I think it sort of implies texts and data only, no voice, probably an error).

(edit) in the T&C it has "We shall be offering the Truphone Local Anywhere SIM card and its services (the Product) to all Truphone customers and SIM4Travel customers (Customers) who have given Truphone prior consent to use their personal data for marketing purposes (Offer)." - so it's probably only valid for existing customers.

Stu 23-02-2010 01:15

I've been more pleased with eKit than albino. Their second IMSI is handy for the US and Canada. Truphone's VOIP always priced themselves too high. It was a good product, but they were competing against British mainstream carriers. That was it.

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