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wolfbln 23-04-2015 23:35

Orange CH is going to be Salt.
No joke.
Orange Suisse was sold from French Telecom. The new owner seems not willing to pay for their brand name and wants to get rid of it and he found:
SALT. New logo lacks colours and is pure b&w.

Well, we have oxygene (o2), water (vodafone) - why not salt? In Switzerland I'd thought they prefer chocolate or cheese.

He wants to place Salt. as a premium provider. It will be though to compete with Swisscom in this league. Rebranding is going to take place during summer of 2015.

tux 24-04-2015 08:33

Actually they have closed their shops until monday to rebrand all of their stores. And the website too will be offline this weekend in order to put online the new, complete website. So, starting from the next monday, Orange will be Salt. :)

It's worth noting that, as it seems, every customer is required to create a new account on the new website in order to be able to manage contracts, sims, etc.

inquisitor 26-04-2015 08:24

I've rarely seen such an ugly corporate design:

tux 26-04-2015 09:37


Originally Posted by inquisitor (Post 47804)
I've rarely seen such an ugly corporate design:

And it took them a full year...

tux 26-04-2015 18:35

So, the new website is online:

wco81 11-03-2016 00:59

This appears like the best prepaid offer, 10 CHF for 20 CHF credit, 2 CHF a day for unlimited 4G with no speed throttling?

As opposed to Swisscom limiting it's 4G to 2 Mbps/.5Mbps for their 2 CHF/day Easy Natel tariff?

But Swisscom has the best network, especially outside the bigger cities and towns?

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