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davidtheprof 14-07-2012 18:07

Piranha Mobile Sim Card
Thought I’d set up a new thread on the Piranha mobile sim, (some previous posts in UK and Canada sub-forums) - I cannot find a general discussion forum on Piranha anywhere, and nothing on their own website!

Just got a Piranha mobile sim, dual US-UK number is free, (not Estonia or Isle of Man, so cheap for people to call you), good rates in most locations, though data rates vary by provider in some countries (I've been assured that the sim will try to register on the "preferred" provider with cheaper data, we'll see..)
outside UK and US, it's a call-back system, have to see how reliable that is.
Piranha have the best offering for Canada that I have seen in a global sim - 22c/min within Canada or back to US, and 48c/MB for data.

I’ve been testing the VOIP integration on home wifi in the US: on WIFI people are meant to be able to call you on the same number as the SIM.

So far, the outgoing VOIP integration works well - if on wifi, it uses VOIP (at cheaper-than-skype rates, and decent call quality) and if not, it goes through the mobile network. The same number shows up on caller ID for recipient.
Incoming VOIP is not working, it only routes through the mobile network. Customer service has not been very helpful so far, but only one round.
Not sure if this is an artifact of my Samsung Vibrant.

fsotirop 16-07-2012 11:56

this is a very good international simcard with really good rates.
a true UK number is attached (not IOM or Jersey), plus US number. local numbers at reasonable prices can also be added for around 70+countries
voip application, with very low rates and free incoming calls everywhere, works fine (both incoming-outgoing) on my samsung y pro duos 2.3.6 android phone.

the only disadvantage discovered is that unaswred calls by the recipient are charged (for a fixed rate) form the time the callback is aswered.
fixed rate for Greece is 0.09gbp per unanswered call.
unaswered calls charge through voip application is not applied, only when the call is placed through the normal gsm way.

davidtheprof 16-07-2012 13:18

I should add that their technical response via email is fast. They've also just opened a technical forum on their website.
I can get incoming VOIP over 3G, but not wifi, very strange....

fsotirop 16-07-2012 13:34


Originally Posted by davidtheprof (Post 40066)
I should add that their technical response via email is fast. They've also just opened a technical forum on their website.
I can get incoming VOIP over 3G, but not wifi, very strange....

the voip application is now Free!
can i have the link please of the technical forum?

davidtheprof 11-08-2012 04:07

Lower Data Rates in Europe for Piranha

Just got this email:
Dear Customer, Piranha Mobile will be reducing Data rates while roaming in the EU, the new price should be around 38p Per Mb a reduction of 12p Per Mb. There will be more reductions throughout the next few months, on roaming Data outside of EU. Please check web site for updates

davidtheprof 11-08-2012 04:07

PS the link to their forum is here (not so easy to find on their site), not much activity yet:
Piranha Mobile FAQ's

davidtheprof 20-08-2012 19:18

Piranha in Canada
another update today, makes Piranha very competitive for Canada (where I go a lot, and not many good options)

Dear Customer,
As from today Piranha Mobile will be introducing direct dialling in Canada on the Bell Mobility network and dropping Telus network (for now), we will also be reducing Data rates from £0.29 per Mb to £0.25 per Mb.

fsotirop 21-08-2012 11:33

yes i agree, piranha simcard is one of the best travel sim availiable...

dg7feq 21-08-2012 16:06

yes, the pricing looks very competitive, also the fact that they dont charge extra for incoming calls on the US number.

fsotirop 21-08-2012 22:05

received today from their customer service:

Dear Customer,

within the next week Piranha Mobile will be introducing direct dialling, at no extra cost, in the following countries.

Antigua & Barbuda-Digicel
British Virgin Islands-Digicel
Canada-Bell Mobility
Cayman Islands-Digicel
St Kitts & Nevis-Digicel
St Lucia-Digicel
St Vincent -Digicel
Turks & Caicos-Digicel

in USA (T-Mobile) & Canada (Bell Mobility) direct calling is already activated.

Regards from

Piranha Mobile Admin

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