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bartolo5 21-12-2010 17:24


Originally Posted by Effendi (Post 34969)
You can edit your posts, but only for some minutes after you posted, not after 20 days ;)

Why can't the original poster edit his/her own posts?

petkow 21-12-2010 18:08

Not just the OP, but there is a general time restriction on users editing their posts. It is a policy on some forums and I suppose stems from problem associated with people over-editing and/or deleting their posts so that the thread can become difficult to follow. If no edits are allowed, it is possible to follow a chronological sequence of how events have taken place. Otherwise, things get a bit complicated. The downside is that new users generally have to read the whole thread to make sure they have the latest updated information.

The way I see it, the website has two parts: One part is supposed to contain updated information on prepaid national and international SIMs. This part is only maintained by the Admins. The other parts is the forum, which apart from being for general discussion, it is also where new additions to the other part can be discussed. Having said that, the forum part isn't really intended to work like a wiki, (where users maintain the first post in a thread with updates). If new information is required to be added, a new post should be made. Eventually, the info should really get absorbed into the other part of the website.

rfranzq 23-12-2010 04:56

Tru works on cruise ships, Mexico rates
Much to my suprise, my Tru SIM connected to the cell system on the cruise ship I was on. [Princess Cruises' Sapphire Princess] I did not try to call or send an SMS as I had no clue what the rates would be. I did receive SMS for free.

Now these Mexico rates were not what I was charged:

Receive landlines calls fare per minute $ 0.70
Send a text fare per minute $ 0.56
I was charged $1.39 for a received call [old rate] and 16cents to send an SMS. [I used an AT&T SIM at 25cents a minute to call the Tru SIM.]

I was in Ensenada, Mexico. Tru uses Movistar.

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