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bartolo5 04-11-2010 19:21


Originally Posted by masr4779 (Post 34534)
I have been trying to purchase a truphone sim card now for two weeks. I seem to be having some extreme difficulty with the website, and the truphone customer service. First, when I tried to add a credit card to the account that I created, the card is not authorized. I emailed and then spoke on the phone with the help desk. The first person I spoke with told me that it seems like they are having some problems, so what he was going to do was just mail me a sim card and then I could try adding a card when I activate the account. 10 days later no card. I call again, they tell me that they show no record of sending me a sim card, and that they would not send me a sim card. They said to try again to purchase one online, and if it does not work the problem is with my bank. I tried several different cards (with several different banks) none of them work. I call each bank and the banks all verify authorized charges by truphone that never post (so the charge was accepted). I try to explain this over email and phone calls with truphone. They insist that it is my banks error, not theirs. I try again and again to buy a sim card, each time verifying with my bank that a charge from truphone has been authorized. I explain that to truphone. No response. I even create an account with truphone voip, and add $5 to that account. Truphone ignores the email when I ask them to verify that there is a card added to that account.

As of this morning, I have now sent three emails that have not been answered. The whole process began over two weeks ago and I still have not been able to get a sim. I would like to purchase this sim, and I really like the "local anywhere" concept. I travel to Spain and the UK enough to where this would work (even before Spain becomes a "member" country). It seems difficult to believe that this company will actually succeed if they cannot even satisfy a costumer that is happy to give it business. Regardless of what the problem is, you would think that within two weeks they would find a way to accept my money for their product.

I have used US credit cards in the past with them without any issues but it has been a while since I last recharged my account. I have two SIMs with them.
I am not sure what's going on with their website, things seem to be pretty stalled over there. Note the original post of this thread and the later reply from Truphone here mentioning that the pricing information is incorrect in the rates section. Just checked yesterday and they still haven't fixed the pricing info on the website that sounds bizarre to me. Maybe they are working on relaunching the service/website once the new countries kick in and they are not working on the old stuff anymore, I have no idea.

I agree with you, it almost seems like Truphone doesn't care about local anywhere too much. There haven't been updates in a long long time and if your operational issues are true it's difficult to see how this sort of service can gain any traction. Hopefully things will change soon.

bartolo5 04-11-2010 19:32


Originally Posted by Truphone (Post 34408)
One important point I overlooked in my post last week - the reference to pricing. To clarify, the price for a US customer to receive a call in Europe remains 26cents - it has not increased. Huge apologies for the confusion, I've discovered that our online rate checker is posting incorrectly. Thank you for flagging this and we are looking to correct asap.

it has been 2 weeks since this post from you and your online rate checker is still posting $0.70 receiving for european countries. Is it really still $0.26? Or you have actually raised it to $0.70

Thanks in advance

rfranzq 04-11-2010 23:52

bartolo5, they must have heard you! New country added.

Originally Posted by bartolo5 (Post 34535)
There haven't been updates in a long long time........ Hopefully things will change soon.

Just looked today and Austrailia has been added. Also, they seem to have extended the expiration of the 'free month' to a month from yesterday/today. Austrailia's data rate is 10cents a MB.

PeterGene 05-11-2010 00:50

hi truphone,
(assuming i can get a card)
can you tell me how likley it is that in Nepal and India i will be able to connect to your supported networks and get the 0.18p incoming price. Also.. how will i know if i'm on one of your networks. will teh phone simply not work or will i just get a big bill for using the wrong one. i phone dyour support people but it was all a bit vague. Basically if your card really would give me 18p per min in much of nepal and india i would jump at the chance. it seems hard to get this sort of info from your company. Surely your company must know these things?

PeterGene 05-11-2010 00:55

Also truphone (or anyone who knows)... is it possible to just buy one of these cards somewhere, in london, at the airport (in istanbul) ... i'm leaving uk monday morning... ta!

bartolo5 05-11-2010 08:12


Originally Posted by rfranzq (Post 34540)
Just looked today and Austrailia has been added. Also, they seem to have extended the expiration of the 'free month' to a month from yesterday/today. Austrailia's data rate is 10cents a MB.

I did see that. $0.10/MB-$100/GB is not too bad for casual data use. Sadly in the USA they are still asking $0.50/MB-$500/GB. I wonder if T-Mobile must be part of the problem raising their data in the USA?

petkow 05-11-2010 09:16

Nice to see a third country finally added. Still eagerly waiting for Spain to join. Anyone have a heads up?

Truphone 05-11-2010 10:31

Hi All

Quite a few questions to get through!

Re:India networks...I have been given an unconfirmed answer on this, I'm just waiting for confirmation from our roaming team as I don't want to post something that isn't accurate, but am on the case!

We are talking to a number of partners about retail, but nothing currently. I would suggest speaking to our customer service team and seeing if we can get a card to you by Monday.

Spain (plus the other two countries shown on the website) are close...can't say any more than that, but watch this space!

bartolo5 05-11-2010 16:34


Originally Posted by petkow (Post 34544)
Nice to see a third country finally added. Still eagerly waiting for Spain to join. Anyone have a heads up?

Well, if Truphone keeps its promises the next 3 countries should come online in less than 7 weeks given that's how much is left of 2010.

Eagerly awaing for their spanish service here too. Hopefully their data rates will be reasonable as well as their voice rates. There are so many cheap MVNOs in Spain at the moment that it maybe difficult for Truphone to offer competitive rates there.

rfranzq 05-11-2010 18:19

Austrailia update
They seem to have backed off on Austrailia.


Australian numbers will be available soon!
Here is the line that encourages that more will be coming soon.


Many other countries will be added in 2010

I wish them well. Hope things work out. Now would be a good time for communication. What they are doing can not be easy. If it was, all of us would have done it a long time ago.
I am happy to be able to use it in the US--that is why I got it. I do not use data, but I think it is easier [assuming it works OK in the US for data] for most short time visitors to acquire and use than any other prepaid data offers.

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