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kalda01 07-09-2014 11:09

Prepaid SIM for Austria & Slovenia
We are landing in Vienna and going to travel for 8 days in south Austria and Slovenia. I'd like to know where is the best place near the border to buy a prepaid SIM for Slovenia.

peterdoo 07-09-2014 13:32

In Slovenia you can buy prepaid packs at mobile operator shops (Mobitel:, Simobil: But also at most petrol stations, post offices and newspaper shops. Normally no registration is necessary.

On the following page you can see some details about the prepaid tariffs:

In the table "SI Mobilni paketi" select "predplačniški" for prepaid. Then in the last column one of the 14 prepaid tariffs available there.

For mobile data you might conssider one of the following two offers:

kalda01 08-09-2014 12:13

Prepaid sim
Thanks for the info.
I will try to buy it after crossing the border from Austria at the first Gas station. (I need to buy the highway sticker anyway)

kalda01 09-09-2014 17:13

SIM in Austria
If I go into Saturn or Mediamarkt for a prepaid SIM card, would they help me set it up ? I know I can get one in Gas stations but I'm not sure I'll be able to figure out how to activate the internet access.

willydat 12-09-2014 08:58

be careful: buy the slovenian highway sticker BEFORE entering slovenia!
(if you enter slovenia via Highway)
slovenian controls are rigorous, no exeptions for tourists!

help by mediamarkt/saturn staff is usually available,
expect a line during busy hours!

sperial 12-09-2014 14:23

Also be sure to have a valid Austrian vignette attached to your windscreen before you get on the Autobahn. It costs EUR 8.5 for 10 days (in any gas station, but ask at the car rental office), and fines for not having it are hefty, may reach thousands of Euros.

An Austrian SIM should cost about EUR 10. I bought one (3 years ago) at the A1 shop in the west railway station in Vienna.

Effendi 08-10-2014 16:02

There are no Saturn/Media Markt shops in Slovenia, so that won't help you. Go to Petrol/OMV gas stations they always have IZI and Bob prepaid cards, maybe also SiMobil, but I'm not sure about it.

avgi 14-11-2015 14:32

Izimobil is the best choice
izimobil is the best choice. All sales placers got here. Sim card can also be purchased by izimobil partners (Supermarkts: Mercator, Spar, Eurospin, E.Leclerc..., Post Office, Petrol/OMV Stations, Kiosk...). :D

- izimesec S: € 6.90/month including 1500 minutes or SMS/MMS or data; write "IZIMESEC S" to 3388;
- izimesec M: € 8.90/month including 2000 minutes or SMS/MMS or data; write "IZIMESEC M" to 3388;
- izimesec L: € 11.90/month including 3000 minutes or SMS/MMS or data; write "IZIMESEC L" to 3388.

avgi 28-01-2016 13:14


We operate using the strongest and most reliable network with high-speed data transfer supported by 3G technologies and superior network coverage − 99.73% GSM, over 90% UMTS.

You can buy our products at more than 1500 sales points.

wolfbln 29-01-2016 19:34


Originally Posted by avgi (Post 48402)
We operate using the strongest and most reliable network with high-speed data transfer supported by 3G technologies and superior network coverage − 99.73% GSM, over 90% UMTS.

To put this into perspective:
Izimobil is a MVNO using the network of Telekom Slovenje. That is the best network in the country. But it can't use their 4G/LTE so far, it's only on 2G and 3G.

Telekom Slovenje has already covered 86% of the population by LTE. So izimobil is having a very own idea of "high-speed" and "superior coverage".

Telekom Slovenje sells 1 GB for 10 € in a monthly pack, on 4G/LTE too.
Izimobil has half the price 4.90 € for 1 GB,
but another MVNO Spar Mobil on 2G/3G Telek. Slovenje sells 3 GB for almost the same price (5.99€).
Make up your mind, if it's just advertisement or really a good deal.

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