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tamla 06-04-2015 22:06

It's a shame SFR have decided to close down Joe Mobile, I have decided to switch providers in the UK from T mobile to 3 and that way this summer I can use the feel at home service. In france they have partnered with orange and free which works for me. My other holiday destination is Spain and the feel at home service is offered there. This Easter I am using my Joe sim for the last time

mellowout 09-04-2015 19:05

So is/was Joe the only provider to offer the on/off facility? This was my ideal provider for France and gave me all the flexibility I wanted - a real pity it is closing. I could have it on a cheap setting when there for a few days, and turn it up to plenty of data and unlimited calls (inc. to UK) when there for an extended time. I am struggling to find a decent alternative - are there any??

evenin 13-05-2015 09:27

Really? where did you heard this ?

willemijns 27-08-2019 10:09


Originally Posted by Comphom (Post 60343)
Hi, Im from the UK, coming to work in Paris in September.

Can anyone advise on which mobile networks provide pay-as-you-go SIM cards for use in France?

Also, is free Wi-Fi generally available in Paris? I assume it is but its worth checking.

sorted by QoS:

if u speak a little french go to a LECLERC shop (walmart competitor) and ask to REGLOMOBILE offer.

try FREE order a simcard on

other possibility, lycamobile or websites...

last solution : symacom.

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