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tux 08-08-2013 13:58

Just an update about the ID: it's sufficient that you choose "Pièce d'identité étrangère" anche you can enter your US passport ID ;)

ronwi 08-08-2013 19:38

Thanks - discovered that last night, used my British passport (actually my stepdaughter's, she is going to be in France for 2 months so the card was ordered for her.) It accepted the order and charged the debit card, so it should be arriving hopefully next week.

tamla 18-08-2013 23:46

Received my Joe Mobile sim and activated it. Off to France at the morrow will post back my comparison with orange mobicarte. Tamla

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tamla 05-09-2013 00:24

Just back from my holiday in France. Spent 2 weeks in a mobile home on campsite nr St Raphael. I used a Joe sim in and the good wife an Orange Prepaid Mobicarte. In built up areas performance between the two was v similar. With both locking at Hspa speeds. We spent a day hiking in the Esterel Hills and both sims could only lock on GSM and were only good for voice calls. The difference was cost for €20 I had unlimited voice call in France ( mobile and landlines) and to land lines most of mainland EU. With the mobicarte since Orange stopped thier 500 Mb per month unlimited data plan. Kept having to subscribe to short term €2 data plans and friends and family plans. I do not plan to top up the orange sim to keep the line valid in 5 months time but from the UK using my UK issued Visa card can top up my Joe sim for easily to keep line valid. I am grateful to the kind and helpful folk on the Joe forum. :):thumbup:

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inquisitor 10-09-2013 13:04

This is to confirm that I've just successfully activated a Joe Mobile SIM for a friend ordered via using a German VISA card (issued by Berliner Sparkasse).

During the activation process the following information on acceptance of foreign credit cards was displayed:

Quelles cartes de paiement sont acceptées par Joe ?

Joe accepte les cartes bancaires domiciliées en France ou dans les pays suivants : Allemagne, Andorre, Belgique, Espagne, Grande Bretagne, Irlande, Italie, Luxembourg, Monaco, Pays-bas et la Suisse.
Joe accepte les types de cartes bancaires suivants : Visa (Electron, Nationale, Internationale, Premier, Infinite...), MasterCard (Maestro, Nationale, Internationale, Gold, Platinum...), ainsi que les cartes bancaires prépayées distribuées en France.
Les e-cartes bleues * usage unique ne sont pas acceptées.
For me it took 52 mins for the SIM card to be activated after completing the activation procedure and the € 5 bonus for SIM cards ordered via amazon was also credited immediatley.

So far I'm pretty impressed by the straightforward handling and their convenient customer portal.

inquisitor 10-09-2013 14:34

Has anyone tested if VoIP/SIP is blocked by Joe or not?

tux 10-09-2013 15:53

It is officially allowed.

Have a look here:

It's a post from their official blog :)

inquisitor 10-09-2013 15:55

Merci. C'est très bien!

andy 19-09-2013 02:01

One thing I discovered which may be worth mentioning in passing is that it seems that French networks have moved a lot of their 3g provision to 900 MHz, or certainly this seems the case with SFR.

I took an Android tablet and an E160 dongle and that had no 3g coverage at all where I was staying or when wanted on the drive home. But 3g was fine in one of my phones.

For my second visit I'd read a bit about this and had bought a secondhand E5332 router which had excellent 3g at the same place.

This might be happening in plenty of countries I suppose, but this British user hadn't anticipated it as only O2 here has significant 900 MHz 3g.

cybergamefan 24-09-2013 03:12

US tourist
Is it possible to obtain a Joe Mobile sim if I am a US resident planning to visit France in October 10?

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