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MOHIBlah 15-12-2011 21:38

Tchibo to LIDL internet

pls i would like to ask you,

i want to change my internet , i have this last month used Tchibo but i'm not satisfied , and now i would like to use LIDL, and my question is,

can i use the same stick and buying only the internet LIDL card ?

can i buy only a internet card by lidl or i must sell internet pack include stick and card, ?

thank you in advance


inquisitor 16-12-2011 01:49

3G sticks sold by Tchibo usually have a netlock and since Lidl is on the same network a Lidl SIM should work. If not you're just a short board search away from unlocking instructions.
However be aware that Tchibo and Lidl both use the same network (O2), so if your dissatisfaction is related to coverage and/or performance, Lidl won't change anything.
Whether you buy a separate SIM or bundled with their 3G stick it's always the same type of SIM card for which the same voice and data tariffs apply. The only difference is that SIMs bundled with 3G sticks come with the dayflat tariff (€ 2.50 per calendar day) preactivated while the separate SIMs are on the volume-based tariff (€ 0.24/MB), but you can switch tariffs for both at any time as described at

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