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wco81 26-03-2015 03:01

Not worth it for 4-day visit to Amsterdam?
Will be in Amsterdam towards the end of April.

No tethering for iOS and even if it was allowed, the data bundles are 1 GB at most and go to a higher rate after you hit the cap.

Last year, my US T-Mobile SIM got .10 Mbps, enough for Google Maps and some other light connectivity.

Instead of going to a mobile shop, I got a Lebara SIM from some guy in front of a currency exchange window along the Damrak.

He said I could probably get LTE but in fact, the speeds were as poor as the T-Mobile SIM which was roaming internationally.

So wary of buying Lebara again, even from "official" stores. On the Lebara site, it shows the SIM being available at Albert Heijn supermarkets in the center but that may not be micro SIMs. At least the guy last year cut it to micro SIM.

Probably make do with roaming for the short trip I guess.

wolfbln 26-03-2015 15:42

you can check the prepaid data offer in the Netherlands here:

Just stay away from *bliep as they are changing networks and it's unclear what happens in April.
For data on MVNOs Lycamobile (on KPN) is the best choice right now and SOME of their packages are on 4G/LTE (be aware: you need the 1800 MHz band for LTE at least). And strictly no tethering with Lycamobile!
Lebara is only on 2G/3G in the Netherlands up to know.

BTW. I'm a bit confused: You need 10 Mbps for Google Maps??? That's one of the few apps which already work on EDGE. For Google Maps you certainly don't need LTE.

wco81 26-03-2015 15:54

No I don't need LTE or even 7 Mbps 3G.

It could be nice to have as I'm planning some long day trips which have 2-hour train rides each way.

But the Netherlands prepaid offerings don't seem as competitive as some of the neighboring countries, especially on the amount of data and tethering.

In some other countries, you can get enough mobile data because often, it's faster than Wifi at the hotels.

dg7feq 27-03-2015 09:34


Originally Posted by wolfbln (Post 47677)
BTW. I'm a bit confused: You need 10 Mbps for Google Maps??? That's one of the few apps which already work on EDGE. For Google Maps you certainly don't need LTE.

.10 Mbps != 10 Mbps ;-)

lover08 27-03-2015 19:24

Take Vectonemobile it is good for Internet
their tariff is 1cent per MB no need codes and bundles. 10€ is 1GB etc. simple topup online available simple to use
another positive thing is that their sim cards won't expire even after 1 year.
you can buy one online on ebay they will ship it to you (they usually overcharge about 3€ for their service but they activate it and already put 10€ that changes it to this tariff 1cent / MB as without topup it has Starter Pack not good tariff. Or you can purchase it in some shops or tank stations (not always available in stock)

wolfbln 28-03-2015 09:43

@dg7eq: I see. .1 is 0.1 in the rest of the world. May we please stick to 0.1 Mbps or 100 kbps as these dots are really hard to see otherwise.

@lover08: How do you get a default/standard rate of 1ct (= 0.01€) per MB on Vectone mobile in the NL?. The standaart tarieven is 9ct per MB and in "Extra Krediet" (Extra Credit) tariff, 19 ct per MB.
Is there a tariff I'm not aware of? Or do you recalculate data in packages. But now on promotion 2GB are for 10€ or 800 MB for 5€ (

That also discredits wco81's comment of higher rates in the NL compared to the neighboring countries. I don't know of any prepaid pack in Germany giving 2 GB for 10€.

+31hans 01-05-2015 14:19

There is free wifi availeble in every NS train. You wont need anything else if its just for the train rides. See for more info on free wifi spots:

1Yara1 12-05-2015 09:05

Free wifi is availeble in some trains at the moment. Not all yet. But you can see that on the website mentioned.

123456 12-05-2015 12:45

Wifi in some Dutch trains

Basically, you will find free (!) Wifi in certain Intercities (the quick trains between different cities) only. These trains are not specified on beforehand, but you can recognize these trains from the Wifi-logo on the outside of the train. You have to connect with the "Wifi in de trein"-network.

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