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fedeprovenza 06-07-2008 09:59

iPhone. What about it?
What are your experiences about I-Phone?We can report our ideas about it:)

catwoman66 22-07-2008 13:03

Well so far I'm loving mine..I've put my BlackBerry to rest and letting the iPhone do all the work..;)

AndreA 22-07-2008 14:25

well...1.9% of iPhone shoppers are BlackBerry traitors :lol:

catwoman66 23-07-2008 14:28


Originally Posted by AndreA (Post 22904)

also a mac user, so I've got a good excuse, BlackBerry is not mac friendly ;-)

AndreA 05-01-2009 01:31

well, it's 2 months that i'm using a 2G iPhone (Wind IT simcard).

Not bad, I appreciate it day by day... sometimes it looks 'dumb', but some apps is so great that you can be happy to be... an Apple fan :D

andy 05-01-2009 13:16

Can the iPhone be used as a modem connected to a laptop? Mac or PC?

Or is this a difficult question? Does it depend on where the user lives?

I've just read an article in August by a national newspaper here who think it can't, or that an application to do so was withdrawn after a couple of days indecisiveness by Apple. Apple didn't comment, but the newspaper surmises that the application might breach network terms and conditions. I don't know if they're on the right track ... but I can see other networks saying they won't support this

AndreA 05-01-2009 13:36


Originally Posted by andy (Post 24667)
Can the iPhone be used as a modem connected to a laptop? Mac or PC?

No, this is a great gap. Well, for my iPhone2 not so important... I'll be so slow in GPRS/EDGE :lol:
Anyway actually I prefer to use a webkey, so I have a different simcard (and number) for call/sms and data.

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