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CultureVulture 03-04-2013 01:32

Porting from Lidl to Lidl

I had been using a Lidl sim card until last month when I lost it somewhere... I really want to keep the number but I don't have a German address so can't get a new one sent as described on the website.

I have however bought a new Lidl sim card. If I phone them and manage to get an English-speaking operator, will they transfer my number from old sim to new sim?

There is over €30 on the old sim if that makes a difference in terms of charging a porting fee.

Many thanks

andy 07-04-2013 01:30

I don't know, and it might be best to ask them.

It depends how they are set up. Some networks can port numbers to another SIM like this, whereas some may need to tie a replacement SIM to the number or account before sending it to you.

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