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kuba.g 12-06-2011 12:07

Toggle Mobile
I just came across this interesting operator: Toggle Mobile Netherland

How I see it, is you can call it a International prepaid sim but only for: UK, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Spain and Australia. In these countries you pay low rates. In other countries you get the usual roaming rates.

Also, in all of the countries mentioned above they offer mobile internet for €0,15/MB.

Their site doesn't look very well made though...

andy 12-06-2011 17:21


it seems to be related to or even owned by LycaMobile, hence the country list so far, though Lyca is also in Belgium Italy and Switzerland

borjeg 13-06-2011 13:44


Originally Posted by andy (Post 37010)

it seems to be related to or even owned by LycaMobile, hence the country list so far, though Lyca is also in Belgium Italy and Switzerland

and Sweden and Denmark

andy 13-06-2011 18:28

Yes, I think those were already mentioned in the frst post and on the website

I was adding the other 3 as a mild speculation on scope for possible expansion

dg7feq 09-05-2012 14:12

Meanwhile the card can hold numbers of australia, denmark, germany, norway, spain, sweden, switzerland and UK. Calling within these countries is 16ct/min, free inbound in ~100 countries.

The UK number is permanent, the other numbers are valid for 30 days each before you have to assign a new one.

GPRS inside these countries is 15ct/MB

Downside: The card expires after 90 days of no use (no placed calls or SMS)

andy 09-05-2012 14:59

It seems to have had a publicity relaunch recently, or maybe that was the launch of the UK website version, which has slightly different tariffs (15p vs 16c). I hadn't been aware of range of free incoming countries

I think France is also included in the identities available, and some other countries coming soon.

dg7feq 11-05-2012 13:41

Yes, since a few days french numbers can be ordered as well

bene 22-05-2012 19:55


does anybody of you uses a toggle mobile SIM?

It works fine for voice and messaging, but I have no idea what is the APN for the toggle UK card.
The support told me to use the settings for LycaMobile (in my case whilst using in switzerland), but it does not work.

If anyone of you has a working data connection, it would be really nice if you can tell me which APN to use....

kalico 20-06-2012 02:40

This card looks interesting.

I want a SIM that I can attach German and Turkish phone numbers to and still receive calls when back in the UK.

The website is clunky and not clear what this will cost me, or even if it is possible.

Does anyone have any experience of that type of thing? Or can recommend a better option?


f1photos 22-06-2012 19:11

data issues
I took the plunge and got a uk toggle sim a few days ago. I added a Spanish & Swiss number to the card which was straightforward. They expire after 30 days, unless I pay £5 a year to keep them.

I'm now in Spain and the local number works as does everything else apart from data. I verified the settings with CS yesterday, but still no data. As i'm at the F1 here I decided to go and bang on the door of the Telefonica/Movistar mobile network control van at the track and see if they had any ideas. The guys knew immediately what the problem was, but to verify they stuck the SIM into their network kit. The upshot is that Toggle/Lyca haven't turned on data roaming. I called CS again and they say they have no option to turn on data roaming. Tried to get transferred to somebody who knew what they were talking about, but 'sorry that's not possible'. My new best friends at Telefonica (I took them beer) are going to raise this with Lyca/Toggle in Spain and see if they can get something done from this end.

So the upshot is I still have no data, but I do know what the problem is.

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