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sempurna 29-05-2012 08:53 do not work
Be careful buying cards from Bought two cards which required only that my phones be unlocked. The cards were waiting at the hotel as promised but did not work in either phones which were two different models and both unlocked. The two cards which I bought at a fraction of the cost from a local supermarket to replace them both worked 100%. offered no support other than they had a "no refund" policy and it was not their problem. So it appears that the cards form do not work in some phones and support from them is non existant.

MATHA531 02-06-2012 18:19

Dispute the charge to your credit card company.

kuba.g 04-06-2012 02:06


Originally Posted by MATHA531 (Post 39563)
Dispute the charge to your credit card company.


Don't let scammers take your money without trying at least the basic things. :nono: In their T&C they state that products which are DOA can be sent back at their expense and refunded.

simcardabroad 05-06-2012 20:18

Sorry to hear that you did not get it working.
First of all, we do have a refund policy if it's something wrong with the SIM card. Please return the SIMs and we will check them and refund you if they are not working.

If the problem is related to the customer's phone however, we can not offer a refund.

it's difficult to respond to a complain without knowing a few things:
1. What country did you go to?
2. What phones were you using?

prepaidsimcard dot org

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