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fedeprovenza 03-01-2009 14:04


Originally Posted by Nokia1610 (Post 24613)
I've looked up on and yes, they ask 45€ - I agree, that's too much!
But here it seems to cost 29.90€ with 10€ airtime included...

exactly, the travelsim card costs 29,90 euro with 6 euro. 45 (cent) is the cost per minute. Don't confuse :)

bbob 03-01-2009 14:42

Yes a bit confusing at travelsim and the other site travelsimshop seems to have a lower rate. Reamins that you will get an estonian number and I prefer a UK number.

Just ordered the easyroam sim, paid through paypal and got a responce very fast, will ship on monday so middle of the weeks I can start using it.

The 7624 problems date back some time ago and I never had problems calling 7937 (some minor onces) and as I posted elsewhere betamax also seems to connect to UM lichtenstein now.

andy 03-01-2009 16:07


Originally Posted by bbob (Post 24618)
The 7624 problems date back some time ago ...

I have never had a single problem from any Betamax or Finarea brand in reaching active 07624 numbers for 3 years, and nor have I heard of any from several people who own or make calls to these SIMs, such as my family reaching me using 18185, a Finarea prefix-select brand for BT (UK) landlines.

I don't recall and can't find you previously identifying Betamax, and I had previously assumed your non-specific comments meant other providers, such as some that don't have +4476 in their dialplans.

As I said, there were just a few strange calls a few months ago, but not recently; I had one on an attempt to an 07937 number, while other people had them using these providers for ordinary UK mobiles - a recording answered, but to begin with one thought it was a live call, with a person saying hang on a moment, then background noises of a dog barking and TV news. I haven't heard or read of any repetition of this odd problem for quite a while now; perhaps the underlying provider fixed it.

So I think you can be confident that there won't be problems reaching your new SIM, whether ~7624 or ~7924.

bbob 03-01-2009 18:31

Andy the fact that you never had problems does not mean that other ones can have problems. That's the problem with these type of problems, some times everyone has them than it's a provider problem, sometimes a few have then than it might be another problem. Connection problems can have many causes. Betamax voicetrading using 3 different routes all having different qualities. You never know which provider it goes through and how they route calls. Hence it might even be different if a call originates from a uk or spanish voip account. So some users might have problems while others not.

I did have some problems some time ago calling the 7624 number but this was in the time those number were in problems, sometimes the call did connect but it just took 50 seconds. sometimes it did not go through, than it worked.
Since betamax now also seems to be able to connect to +423 numbers I don't expect any problems calling the 7924 number.
Even now betamax can call +423 numbers the price is still almost douvle compared to calling a uk mobile number.
As I mentioned above, island does not work with betamax, estonia, no idea if it works. UK mobile still seems to be the only good option.
The only reason I switch from UM is that only belium has incoming call cost, and I use it a lot, most of the time in belgium. 19 cents incoming is than to much and it's strange that only Belgium seems to have this problem as all other roaming card have no roaming cost in belgium. I have mailed UM customer service asking for a reason, so I'll wait and see what they answer.

andy 04-01-2009 01:00

Apologies, perhaps it's just a nuance of language - it seemed to me you might be suggesting this had been a problem for a protracted time (i.e. date back [to] some time ago) and speculating it might still be, hence my attempt to put minds at rest.

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