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claussibraun 22-08-2012 19:45

Hi all
i have an iPhone and need the best phone and data provider in Krakow
can somebody help?
will be there end of year and regularly in the next 2/3 years

kuba.g 27-08-2012 14:37

Some more details as to how much data/voice you'll be using?

I am currently using Pakiety Internetowe as they have some good internet packages.

lover08 01-10-2012 22:43

Poland SIM-card
We've used Heyah prepaid SIM-card that we bought from EBAY in advance (some seller sold it also for my Iphone 4S universal sim)

It has very good 3G coverage in all big city (100% coverage in Warsaw, Krakow etc.) and EDGE speed in small cities.

We used Internet bundle for 600 mb - 15 zl. we just sent 1 sms before landing (that seller from ebay topped us 25 zloty credit but it is also very easy to topup in Poland as our hotel was situated near supermarket and they are selling credit)

tariffs was:
free sms to all heyah 0.30 zl minute for call to all networks and internet 600 mb - 15 zl or 1200MB - 25 zl

also good things with this sim is Heyah application for Iphone. You just download it to Iphone and you can use your sim card abroad (from Poland) as you are in poland. Call send sms and receive calls as you'r in Poland

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