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powerlifter 29-11-2014 15:49

Looking for an unlocked Mifi
Can someone help me find an unlocked mifi. I need it for the US as well as Europe and middle east. I bought a MF60, but it would not connect to any of my devices. I sent it back. Can anyone give me some positive feedback on what you use.

andy 02-12-2014 11:19

If you already have an ordinary dongle, or would buy one or two separately so as to be sure of having the right frequency bands, you can find cheap routers from China on eBay, for from about $10, or about $15 with integral battery.

I have one branded Hame, and there are similar looking unbranded ones, about the same size as a typical dongle, though the battery ones are a bit fatter, and they plug straight to the dongle by USB.

Malvika 21-01-2015 13:42

Unlock MIFI
you can download their software without buying credits, if it can recognize your device, it will likely unlock it.

davidtheprof 22-01-2015 20:53

I've got a Zoom We3G 4520 that works well, also bought a Huawei E587 more recently, but that has more problems setting up when you change sim cards. I also my old Samsung Galaxy S in hotspot mode, as it makes it easy to configure.
But now I'm on TMobile with free international roaming, have not used the MiFi in a while...

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