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sapman 18-07-2012 19:59

Cosmote: What's Up Prepaid GSM SIM
Hi all,

Great forum you have here.

I am going to Greece for 3/4 weeks and need to get SIMs for the 4 people in our group. We'll be using 2 Android phones and 2 iPhones 4s'.

The phones will be used for 1) Checking e-mail and occasional web browsing etc. and 2) Phone calls and SMS messages to the other members of the group.

I used Cosmote 3g Data successfully for a few weeks last year while in the area we are going to, but I believe Vodafone works well also.

I looked at the options from Cosmote and Vodafone for prepaid SIMs with data and it seems like the best choice is the Cosmote "What's Up?" plan with the "Call Them All Plus" option that gives 600 mins and 600 SMS (Cosmote to Cosmote) for 7 Euros per SIM.

Data would be covered by the "COSMOTE Internet Day Pass" that charges 1 Euro per day that the internet is used (per SIM). However it may cap this at 20 MBs per day and that doesn't sound like a whole lot for a Smartphone. From teh Cosmote website:
"Aiming to the seamless provision of COSMOTE Data Services and in order to avoid any risks during provision of the COSMOTE Data Services, the maximum permitted use is 20MB per COSMOTE Internet Day Pass. In case the Subscriber exceeds said limit, COSMOTE has the right to temporarily limit provision of its Services."
Back at base we are going to have WiFi, so we don't need to rely on the prepaid data package exclusively.

My questions are:

1) Is 20MB going to be enough for a day of light smartphone use?
2) Is the 20MB cap/limit actually enforced? If so, is it throttled down or is internet access cut off completely?



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