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skkthfc61 06-08-2010 15:53

Wifi access in Holland / The Netherlands
Hi all I'm new to this forum so please be gentle with me !!

I'm going to Holland in a couple of weeks. I need to be able to watch tv on my laptop so as I can watch the Spurs matches on my laptop whilst I'm away esp the champions league match.

Anyone have any idea how I can do this to watch the match either on my Laptop or Ipod touch without it costing me the price of return air fare from Holland to London

Thanks for any help that anyone can give

inquisitor 06-08-2010 21:03

Before you care about internet access, is there actually anyone broadcasting that match to the web? And if so is that stream accessible from anywhere? Usually broadcasting rights are sold by country. So British providers are probably only allowed to broadcast matches to British audiences. In order to enforce this restriction, providers geo-localize IP-addresses and block access from foreign IP-addresses. E.g. the FIFA did that for their website during the soccer worldcup, so some countries were excluded from live streaming. Of course you can bypass such restrictions by using VPN through a VPN-gateway in the UK.

Ties Brants 07-08-2010 14:44

Your best option might actually be to check if the match you want to see is broadcasted by one of the Dutch public broadcasters (Nederland 1,2, or 3). Then you should be able to watch it using a simple dvb-t usb stick.

The simplest way to get free wifi is to go the Mcdonalds. They should have free wifi everywhere.

Or if you are in a larger city: find an English pub ;)

Xquisite 20-06-2013 14:51

WiFi has become an additional service in many pubs/fast food chains in the Netherlands.

How did u find our nice little country?

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