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starf 15-08-2009 03:16

Greece Internet
I am off to greece in a few weeks and would like to get internet access on my phone. Am I right in saying Wind have the best prepaid internet plan? I called Wind today to ask about their plans. They told me for 14 Euros i get internet for 7 days with 1gb per day. Can anyone confirm this?

When i get my wind sim and topup, how do i activate the internet addon? Are there any restrictions?

Evan 17-08-2009 11:46

It's not the best, it's actually the only available prepaid plan in case you will be using a lot of data. If you need less volume, all carriers have plans from 30-100MB per month.

What they told you from the CC of Wind is valid, it's the same plan I use when I'm in Greece. It's called WIND ADSM Non-Stop with two plans (NS2 and NS7 for 2 and 7 days respectively).

You can activate it by sending NS 2 or NS 7 from your prepaid mobile to 19595.

You can get more info (in English) on their official page here:

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