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Timo 01-03-2012 07:18

Finland: DNA Dataprepaid

Finnish DNA has launched new prepaid offer called DNA Dataprepaid (name tells it all). Start up kit is available from DNA's own shops, R-Kioski and bookstores called Suomalainen kirjakauppa. Price for start up kit is 24,90 euros and it includes 10GB of data which is valid for 6 months. Top up options are 10GB for 19,90 euros and 30GB for 29,90 euros, that both add validity for 6 months. There is only one expiration date for subscription, so topping up adds validity also for remaining old balance. Unfortunately there is instructions only for internet top up that can be done only using Finnish bank account and no mention about voucher top up. No phone calls or sms are possible from this subscription, except balance checkup sms "SALDO" to 14000. For data connections you have to use "" apn, instead of "internet" which is normally used in DNA subscriptions.

BTW, there has been slight increase on all DNA prices due to VAT increase done last year. All 0,069 prices (calls, sms) are now 0,0696
0,079 (super prepaid basic rate calls and message) 0,0797
0,16 (dna prepaid calls) now 0,1613
videocalls are now 0,1916/0,2521
basic data service 1,5123/MB

Another note that came up to my mind is that reloading bonus applies only to DNA Prepaid and Super Prepaid has it's own two bonus levels (Etutaso and Supertaso) as mentioned correctly in these pages. No reload bonus is available for DNA Arvo.

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