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sperial 08-06-2016 16:20

Ee payg sim card
I bought this SIM card for a coming trip to Scotland.
Please, can anyone tell me if it is preloaded with any credit, and whether it needs activation?

andy 09-06-2016 02:14

I think that EE SIMs are nowadays supplied already active, and this seems to confirm it

I'm not sure that there is credit on there. Probably not. I think the £10 on the packet is about a monthly bundle option pre-selected.

You can set up an online account and check these things, alter the bundle if you wish, monitor amounts used and remaining (there may be some bonus free data to start with), and so on. I don't think you'd able to top up online with foreign debit or credit cards, or this certainly didn't use to be possible, but you can pay in shops to add credit directly or buy vouchers

If you do want to change the monthly bundle option, do it before adding credit.

powerlifter 24-08-2019 16:16

If you have a newer iPhone I think EE has an esim. That way you can have your home sim plus an EE sim on your phone.

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