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Effendi 26-04-2006 13:47

Buying Travelsim, Telna Mobile, Telestial & Mobal
Dear friends of,
we have reached an agreement with Travelsim, Telna Mobile, Telestial and Mobal for an affiliate program in selling their international prepaid cards through the links on our website.

Of course we like to be objective as usual and we are not going to say TS, TM and Mobal are the best ones with no other solutions and things like that... Of course we consider both TS and Mobal good services which we can suggest, that's obvious.

So, if some of our friends and users of the Forum and Website of PrePaidGSM would be interested in buying one (or more, better! :D) of these international simcards, we'd surely appreciate if you use the following links:

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