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mrbarlow 12-07-2008 09:32

Yoigo tariff change
Hi folks.

After some reading around, I've decided to get myself a Yoigo PrePay SIM when I arrive in Spain next week.

Actually, the default tariff will initially suit me, but I wonder whether it will be possible to change it at the end of my stay to avoid the minimum €6 spend? I was hoping to re-use the SIM within a few months but don't particularly want to have to keep spending €6 per month (or have it deducted from my credit) when I'm not there!

Anyone know/had any experience of this?

jaaho 12-07-2008 10:01

Yes its possible. You have to call them and ask to change the tariff which name is "tarifa 2".

petkow 16-07-2008 13:35

Remember that the new tariff only kicks in at the beginning of the following billing cycle which is somehow always a month away which means they always get an extra €6 regardless. Therefore it maybe wise to do the change early.

For example I changed it on the day of departure from Spain (which was on the 3rd of a month) but they said I would still have the €6 min spend until the 1st of the following month.

When you are in Spain, just call 622 from your Yoigo SIM and check with them how long after you requesting the change will the new tariff get implemented. They should put you through to someone who speaks English if you request that.

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