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adahary 06-06-2012 11:01

Luxemburg Prepaid SIM

Has anyone know how to get an activated-ready-to-use Luxemburg Prepaid SIM card?
I need to travel to Luxemburg by mid of June and I want to have the SIM with me before landing there so buying it localy is not an option for me.

Any tip will be appriciated



kuba.g 06-06-2012 22:12

Do you need it for calling or mobile internet?

adahary 06-06-2012 23:33

for both - calling and internet.
I need to have the SIM preactivated before I get to Luxemburg.
What can you propose?

kuba.g 08-06-2012 02:43

Both calling & internet on one sim is very tricky in Luxembourg. A 'data' prepaid has good internet rates but doesn't allow calling. If you buy a 'normal' prepaid which allows calling, they charge incredibly high prices for data (€1,40/MB).

A solution may be a prepaid from Tango - it allows you to buy data packs (for example, 300MB for €5 and 1,5GB for €15) while you can still use it for calling. Using it with the tariff rate of Tango Europa it gives you some good rates to Europe also.

janyyc 12-10-2012 21:42

Trying to decipher the Tango website, it doesn't show that you can add the mobile internet to the phone package... It seems to be separate, just like with Orange, for example. Could anyone confirm please?

inquisitor 16-09-2015 09:37

During the past two days I've been using an Orange prepaid SIM which I bought for € 9.90 including € 10 of credit over the past two days. After an additional top up of € 5 I was able to subscribe to their 1GB pack with a validity of 30 days for € 15.
Despite there is LTE800 (band 20 with 10MHz carrier bandwidth) coverage in the city of Luxembourg their LTE network is a total mess. Even with perfect signal strength throughput comes to total halt again and again. The best data rates I could achieve in the middle of the night were in the low single-digit Mbps range and I had to force my phone to 3G to get reliable Internet access throughout the day. Data rates on 3G weren't much better but at least without those disruptions.
I haven't tested the other networks, but Orange seems to suffer serious congestion problems on their 4G network and the 3G network is subpar as well.
I've tested the SIM in a Huawei E3372 USB modem as well as on my Samsung Galaxy S5 with the same results which rules out my device as a cause.

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