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raywright1 03-02-2013 17:43

Italy SIM: time needed to activate
Going to Roma in May 2013. Lots of great information here and lots of thanks and appreciation to all taking the time to supply the info.

In getting the SIM, I assume either FCO or Termini will be fine. But I'm not finding a consistent answer to how long it takes to activate the SIM. I was last here (Venezia) two years ago and waited far too long to actually be able to use the SIM.

What carrier offers near-immediate activation so that I can actually begin using the SIM upon arrival? If there is no carrier that can offer immediate activation, would anyone be willing to work out an arrangement with me via PayPal or other method so that I could receive a SIM and top up prior to departing?

I'm looking for mobile data (handset only) and voice (calling/receiving Italia, EU and USA). Also looking for a SIM that I can keep active to use once/twice per year for short periods of time (two days to two weeks). Use of the website to manage the account would be a plus.

Grazie mille.

VladS 03-02-2013 18:17

It took about thirty hours to get a Vodafone SIM purchased at FCO back in 2011 to come online.

If I were you I would go for the Europa SIM. Aside from the great EU daily data rate (EUR2/100MB), you get a preactivated Vodafone IT card. It is good for a year and can be reacharged remotely with foreign AMEX cards.

The daily data rate when on the home network is EUR2/500MB.

Effendi 05-02-2013 09:28

Unfortunately in Italy you only need to be lucky! Usually it takes little time to activate a prepaid card, but sometimes it can take up to 48 hours...

foosion 10-02-2013 07:46

TIM store said activation was immediate. Mine was active as soon as I put it in my phone.

Punk808 17-02-2013 08:04

Well the time of activation it depend, but anyway if i can suggest u go on Wind, coz u can have an option for call from Italy to USA for free u got like 240 paying only 19 euros or anyway u can activate free web for like 5 euros at month

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