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oron 11-01-2012 13:50

Looking to buy travel sims in bulk

New to the forum so forgive me if this has been asked, couldn't find this info and it looks like you guys know a bit about this subject.

We are a solution provider of VOIP switches in the cloud looking to buy a couple of 1000's of sim cards to build a roaming solution for a large multinational. Our needs are :

1. API to manage activation, deactivation, credit and CRDs on these sims
2. Manage a global credit pool for all our sims
3. Good rates / free for incoming calls
4. support roaming voice and data
5. give a US or other cheap MSISDN numbers on them.

Any pointers will be highly appreciated.

DRNewcomb 11-01-2012 15:29

I don't think you will find a combination of #3(B) & #5. Someone has to pay the piper and the idea of "free" incoming calls while roaming is that the international premium termination rate at the host country is high enough to pay for the international termination at the roamed end. Since normal US or other "cheap" incoming lines don't have a termination premium there would be no way to pay for the termination at the roamed end.

elie 12-01-2012 15:38

you can contact me at

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