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Keighleyboy 20-08-2007 22:37

09 Mobile
Does anyone else have a 09 Mobile SIM, do you know if SMS now works on this mobile and if the VoiceMail service now works on 09 Mobile?

Thank You

prion 21-08-2007 06:42

sms works fine.

maccoy 21-08-2007 07:57


Originally Posted by prion (Post 16982)
sms works fine.

How much costs sending a sms with 09?

dg7feq 21-08-2007 08:16


Originally Posted by maccoy (Post 16985)
How much costs sending a sms with 09?

49ct per message.

Voicemail seems to work too. Got the prompt to leave a message sometimes when trying to call the 09 card. As i hate voicemail i didnt leave a message so i dont know if there is an automatic SMS or something on the SIM-card.


Keighleyboy 21-08-2007 21:31

Thank you for your replies

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