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danush60 02-05-2015 14:40

Is there Vodafone store in malpensa airport?
Hello everyone.

I want to buy a sim for my cellphone when I land in Milan.
When I land it's gonna be 18:00 PM and I want to rent a car and drive to a small town called Viconago from the airport. So i'm not gonna visit Milan and that's why I wanna know if there is a vodafone in the airport so I will buy my sim there?
If there is not a vodafone store in the airport, where can I buy it?

Thank you
Dana :)

danush60 02-05-2015 15:35

i'm sorry I had a mistake
I checked it now.. and the small town that i'm gonna drive from the airport is called "Ponte Tresa"...

wolfbln 02-05-2015 18:04

May I invite the honourable gentleman or lady to use Vodafone's store locator :)

In Italian it is called "Trova Negozio" and shows all Italian Vodafone stores at

danush60 03-05-2015 04:33

Thank you very much
Many thanks friend.
I found what I was looking for :)

by the way- i'm a girl :)

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