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Bossman 25-08-2009 13:14

I agree. easyroam should mention this very important information on their website. Most folks will not be aware of it otherwise. I found out only because I was about to loan my sim to someone traveling in October. Since it will not be used till then, I will have to call/email easyroam again to activate it. Very inconvenient to say the least.


Originally Posted by bbob (Post 29174)
good to know I have one of their sim, not long ago.

But it really sucks that the card has to be reactivated and you have to take action to do this. Lot of customers don't read this forum and if they not use their sim and want to use they find themselfs somewhere in europe and the sim is not working. How should they know it has to be reactivated.

Why is this not mentioned on your website, I could not find it or is it hidden in some small print ?

Might the reason be saving cost and deactivation means you will not have to pay charges to keep the sim active ?

Why don't you announce these new rules so customers that do check the website will know.
I had the same problem with your new terms that all of a sudden uses fair use, also hidden in the terms but fair use does make a lot of difference.

Knowing this 1 month limitation, fair use and not mentioning this does give me the impression that what used to be a great service is now going down the drain by limiting it's use.

just checked your website and I read this:

No expiry time for the sim card & call credit.
We do not charge a $20 yearly network fee
unlike other operators.

above you are saying Call credit do not expire anymore. You will need to top-up/Add credit at least once a year.

your above answer and text on the website do not match. On the website you do not mention a top up once a year.

Please change your website to reflect what the costs really are, that you disable the sim after 1 month non use and that it need reactivation that is free. Don't you think that this should be part of the information you give to customers ?

bbob 25-08-2009 16:09

Am am wondering if this is also done by other companies or only by easyroam.

They do answer questions fast but things change in policy and not informating your customers is not very positive and many non frequent users will wonder why their sim is not working when not used for 30 days.

This new rul makes easyroams sim not very attractive for non frequent users and combined with fair use makes it even less attractive.

bbob 26-08-2009 11:24

What's really disappointing is that the supplier we are talking about here is reading this forum daily but looks like he does not want to respond about the point that we made.

His customer service answers that are fast but not here it looks like ;-)

Bossman 26-08-2009 13:59

At a minimum, easyroam should mention this very important information on their website. Yes, you may have valid reasons for doing it, just mention it on your website. It will likely make some think twice before purchasing your sim. But, you need to mention it, period!

bbob 26-08-2009 14:06

bossman your last point will be the big point. If they mention fair use and deactivation after 30 days on their website not hidden in the terms it will make some customers think twice buying this sim.

The fair use is hidden in the terms so if you look but who does, you will find it. The 30 day deativation is new for me and I did not see it on their site.

As you say whatever these reason are mention them but even here on the forum it seems that they are not willing to give an answer on why and why they hide it.

I have always supported their sim but given the fairuse and deactivation I can't support it any longer.

fedeprovenza 26-08-2009 22:16

I've sent my um+ to Poland, I'm waiting for a new Travelsim. How many days does it take the sim to arrive?

Przemolog 27-08-2009 10:19


Originally Posted by fedeprovenza (Post 29232)
I've sent my um+ to Poland, I'm waiting for a new Travelsim. How many days does it take the sim to arrive?

I did it with my UM 423 (Riiing) SIM and it took about 1 week within the same country (I live about 180 km away from Mr. Wosztyl's office :-)).

fedeprovenza 27-08-2009 13:36

In Poland it's better, but some of my friends have waited for 1 month (in Italy)

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