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bylo 21-04-2009 17:10


Originally Posted by easyroam- (Post 26378)
You have a dead, non working united mobile sim card. and lost your call credit.
Can you really expect us to also give you free call credit as well.

No, I don't expect that. Business is business. You pay your money and you take your chances.

However you have to look at things from our perspective as well. Another MVNO with global SIM has just died a sudden death and we just lost our entire call credit. In some cases the loss is a considerable amount and in some cases it has now happened more than once since UM isn't the first carrier to go bust. So anything you can do to earn our trust and to facilitate the transition (e.g. allow us to fax/email a scan of our UM SIM, offering free shipping, etc.) to your SIM would go a long way to easing our concerns about the future of your offering.

ronwi 21-04-2009 20:09

I'm a little confused by the following from the Travelsim website:

The travel sim card has a fixed service life of 365 days. However to keep your sim card working for the following year, there is a renewal fee of GBP £12. This will keep your number working and any un-used credit valid for the next 365 days.

If you’re roaming sim has expired, you will loose your call credit and it cannot be refunded.

Customers who purchase call credit within 90 days of there expiry date will not need to pay the network fee and all credit will be rolled over for the next 365 days.

Does that mean the card is good for a year, and that if within 1 year + 90 days you add more money to the card the GBP 12 fee is waived?

inquisitor 21-04-2009 20:41

In addition to ronwi's question I'd like to know what the minimum amount of recharge is.

VladS 21-04-2009 21:22

I was told 20 quid.

ronwi 21-04-2009 22:03

The website indeed shows 20 UKP minimum recharge.

While the prices look reasonable, it is worth noting that for your 20 UKP top-up you get 27 USD in credit, as the card actually charges for calls in dollars. So, if your native currency is not pounds, you essentially have a round-trip currency conversion - your native currency to pounds to buy the credit, then from pounds back to dollars to determine the value on the card.


Originally Posted by VladS (Post 26401)
I was told 20 quid.

easyroam- 22-04-2009 02:10

As we are UK based. We have to charge in United Kingdom Pounds. GBP £
This is standard with most UK roaming operators.

Our call rates are based in United States Dollars.
In most countries, This is there second currency, Plus we are also billed in USD $.

bbob 22-04-2009 09:32

@Easyroam, could you please comment on the suggestion of sending in a scanned copy of the UM card to receive the free exchange sim.

easyroam- 22-04-2009 12:11

UK or Liechtenstein sim card
Due to the large amount of customers affected, We need the old united sim card back to exchange for our Travel Sim Otherwise there will be people who will try and scam the system.

It can be the UK or Liechtenstein U-M sim card.

elshaddai 30-04-2009 19:58

Are the dual numbers(US/UK) sims available for former UM customers? I got a a +44 UM+ sim I'd like to send in.

hkr 30-04-2009 23:11

validity extension
I may be wrong, so please explain to me the renewal policy.

The card is valid for a year (from what date?) and I need to top up 90 days after it has expired to have the 12 quid waived, or can I top up any time and then the validity will be pushed out another year?

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