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DaveRo 10-03-2011 15:42

Thanks, Evan. That's much appreciated. We're back in Greece (and Turkey) in May.

dg7feq 10-03-2011 19:41

thanks a lot for the very detailed information! We travel to greece again in august...

wisniak 10-03-2011 20:36

Thank you very much for your efforts.

What's the difference between the info posted under "prepaid products" and "Prepaid data plans and offers"?


Evan 11-03-2011 13:21

The "prepaid products" are the different prepaid SIM cards offered by the operator. Every operator offers 2 or more prepaid cards with different branding, voice/SMS options, offers, prices etc. (you can check their pages to have an idea). However, their differences are more important for people who stay in Greece, not for the short stay visitors.

"Prepaid data plans and offers" are the different data plans or add-ons that could be combined with any of the above prepaid products/cards. You can combine any of the data plans with any of the prepaid products/cards.

The only exception (and an important one) are the available data plans for computers which are offered with a special data SIM card. Those SIM cards offer only data, not voice or SMS. Those plans are the Cosmote #2, Vodafone #4 and Wind #5 (have a look on their respective pages to see how they are functioning).

wisniak 11-03-2011 13:24

So in the case of "computers" I assume that this refers to SIM cards, not USB stick (which is the more common method in France).

Evan 11-03-2011 14:53

It refers to both actually. When you purchase a data-only SIM card, you can get a "SIM Starter Pack" or a "SIM+USB stick Starter Pack" (if you don't have an USB dongle)

kuba.g 11-03-2011 17:03

Thanks a lot Evan! I wish we would have this quality of information for every country!

goldeneyed 11-03-2011 18:54

Great job Evan, very useful.

timmfive 12-03-2011 18:57

Wow! Thanks Evan! Your compilation and work is probably the best work on the entire forums! :-)

A couple of things regarding my Q-card payg plan:

1) I went to the Wind store today and got my menus changed to english.
He called 1227 and spoke to Q customer support (and presumably asked them to change it to english.) Then he dialled 1224. Dialling 1224 gives you an option to change the menus to english So now when I dial 1223 to add credit, or 1225 to check credit I can understand what is going on. Kinda handy. (Although the texts I receive from Q are still in Greek).

2) The €1 for 100MB that I wrote about last year (the one that seemed to offer unlimited data!) is reported to have ended several weeks ago. Around March 1st, my speeds suddenly went from 1M down/up to 50k down/up. :-( Very noticable! The data kept working and I wasn't getting charged for any data. Tolerable for gmail, Facebook, weather apps, etc... but pretty much unusable to check any webpages. Impossible to stream a YouTube video. And forget about tethering... lucky if after 5 minutes Gmail would come up in HTML mode...
So I bought some credit and texted "500MB" (no quotes) to 1210 today. (seems to also work the same as sending "500" to 1210), but 50k up/down issue (using still the same. :-/

The Wind/Q store was closed by the time I realized this, but next time I'm in town, I will talk to him and see if I can get more information about this. Will update if anything changes, or if/when I figure out a solution.

Thanks again for the compilation update!

Majkee(SK) 13-03-2011 10:59

WIND Data Tarif

I'll add my experiences from mobile internet from Greece WIND.

I'm student from Slovakia on Erasmus in Thessaloniki for a 5 months. I needed an mobile internet for this period through my N900. I closed a contract with WIND, tariff's name: Student DATA

Student DATA offers 3GB/month from 8.00 am - 8.00 pm and 30GB from 8.00 pm - 8.00 am. It costs 27€/month.

All is fine, only the connection speed is horrible! I don't know where is a problem, but in the centre of Thessaloniki I have max. only 512kbit/s. The signal display is 3.5G (HSDPA). Phone is full compatible with all HSPA networks.

This tariff I can break whenever I want, but min. after first month, because I didn't need special price 3G USB stick.

I plan an trip through many islands of Greece for a spring. I'm curious how it will be with connection speed there. I'll send info.


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