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bylo 24-09-2019 14:07

I just came back from a trip to DE, AT and IT(*).The Piranha card was totally unreliable for data in those countries. Connections kept dropping randomly. It was impossible to do anything useful with the service.

Strange things:
1. When I did connect, the connection was at 4G and on a major national carrier. Speedtest confirmed 4G showing speeds of 10Mbps or more. But in every case the test "hung" before it could end normally.
2. I've been watching my account's call history log for the past couple of weeks. There is no trace of any of the activity as mentioned in 1. and my account balance hasn't changed. The last transaction is from June when I was last in the EU.

These are ominous signs for Piranha's future.

(*) Side note: my flight home from DE was on Condor. Even though they're owned by Thomas Cook (R.I.P.) all Condor flights were operating yesterday. So at least I lucked out on that part of the trip.

Bossman 05-10-2019 12:35

I have been in Lagos Nigeria for 12 days. I had planed just to use Piranha to receive my US calls by forwarding my AT&T line to it. It would not work here. When I manually select the roaming partner here it stays on the network for a few seconds, then disconnects. And when it stays connected up to a few minutes. The number is not reachable (gives busy tone) and outgoing calls are not possible. In a nutshell, it was practically useless!

I have had a Nigerian sim card for years, so I did not need Piranha for local calls. I will just hold on to the Piranha sim until the monthly fee exhausts my credit. Unless they go out of business before then.

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